New on D4S Global News News Archive October, 2018
Product 3D KNITTING ON DEMAND published.

by: Design 4 Sustainability, 2018-10-22 19:11:04 UTC
For the Netherlands over one fashion item per person instore is never bought per year and might even turn into waste before it is ever worn. And how ...

CaseStudy Getting mainstream buyers to consumer more sustainable published.

by: Design 4 Sustainability, 2018-10-22 18:51:31 UTC
Although most people claim to prefer a more sustainable product, only a limited number of ‘green buyers’ act on their words at the moment of purchase. ...

Material Kintsugi: make products unique by repairing with gold glue published.

by: Design 4 Sustainability, 2018-10-18 12:28:51 UTC
New kintsugi is a new way of gluing porcelain based on the old kintsugi technique to repair porcelain with leave gold. The story goes that kintsugi ...

CaseStudy Free course: Sustainable packaging in a circular economy published.

by: Design 4 Sustainability, 2018-10-08 13:37:03 UTC
It has become almost impossible to imagine what our lives would be like without the many benefits of packaging - just think about the different packaging ...

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