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Eco-cost is a single Life Cycle Analysis-based indicator for environmental burden. It is based on the concept of “marginal prevention costs” e.g. costs required to bring back the environmental burden to a sustainable level, by either end of pipe measures or by system integrated solutions.

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Process Total Eco Cost (Euro) Carbon Footprint (kg)
Leather [kg] 0.665 2.401
Sheep for slaughtering, live weight, at farm/US S [kg] 1.34 4.44
Wool, sheep, at farm/US S [kg] 5.986 19.837
Barley IP, at feed mill/CH S [kg] 0.146 0.485
Barley organic, at feed mill/CH S [kg] 0.311 0.499
Fava beans IP, at feed mill/CH S [kg] 0.221 1.065
Grain maize IP, at feed mill/CH S [kg] 0.21 0.592
Grain maize organic, at feed mill/CH S [kg] 0.223 0.47
Grass from meadow intensive IP, at field/CH S [kg] 0.126 0.203
Grass from meadow intensive, organic, at field/CH S [kg] 0.098 0.164

A single indicator is the sum of the marginal prevention costs of:

Find out more on the definition and calculation of eco-cost on Joost Vogtländer’s website. Download the most recent spreadsheet with eco-cost data of various materials and processes.