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Resources for Sustainable Design

Design-4-Sustainability.com (D4S) is a collaborative open platform by and for (industrial) designers to make the design of sustainable products and product/service combinations easier by sharing inspiration and knowledge on design for sustainability and sustainable designed products.

OUR MISSION? Making sustainable design mainstream and included in every product. We want to support this by making it easy to design sustainable by sharing knowledge and inspiration among designers at a one-stop-shop

We follow the the philosophy that the triple P is about Profit AND People AND Planet as described by the WBCSD in 1995; “The delivery of competitively priced goods and services that satisfy human needs and bring ‘quality of life’, while progressively reducing ecological impacts and resource intensity, throughout the lifecycle, to a level at least in line with the earth’s estimated carrying capacity”.

Therefore designing more sustainable products and/or services is a must, to design solutions which are not only excellent in functionality, fun to use and to look at but also sustainable in such a way that it not only makes profit but also is good for society and the environment. 90% of the impact off a product, on cost, ecological impact etcetera is made in the early design stages. We the designers can and need to make the difference. Let’s face it aren’t we suppose to be the innovative and creative heart of the world, when someone can find solutions …. and who says it cannot be fun as well!

Our aim is that the data will be complete, accurate and up to date. We cannot do so alone so please join and share your materials, tools and ideas. We are in need of writers, editors and people willing to improve the platform with us.

D4S is an initiative of Mirjam Visser, MSc in Engineering Industrial Design from the Delft University of Technology, currently doing her PhD in Design for Sustainability there and for the time being the only sponsor of D4S. We hope to be able to make a start with making sustainable design just a bit easier and more accessible.

Integrity goes before profit. We only accept sponsors that are seriously improving their sustainability and they cannot have any influence over rating of their products/materials or their company. D4S needs to be objective! But of course we cannot do without money to keep the servers running. So please donate or write (mv@design-4-sustainability.com) if you are interested in becoming a sponsor.

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