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Product Wattcher: save energy by heart published.

by: Design 4 Sustainability, 2012-12-31 09:26:29 UTC
The Wattcher consists of a sensor, a sending unit and a display. The sensor can be placed on any electricity meter (analog meters with a turning wheel ...

Material Maize starch fabric published.

by: Design 4 Sustainability, 2012-12-28 09:11:45 UTC
This fabric is made of a biodegradable fiber which is the result of research in starch and other grain byproducts. Working with overspun yarn experts ...

Product Form follows function: Boxetti published.

by: Design 4 Sustainability, 2012-12-24 14:41:50 UTC
Maximal functionality and comfort within minimal space, getting rid of the unused stuff. And this all without boredom! Like transformers go furniture. ...

Product Loremo car drives 50km on 1 liter of diesel published.

by: Design 4 Sustainability, 2012-12-21 13:16:56 UTC
The geman developed Loremo, which stands for Low Resistance Mobility, combines airodynamic desing with low weight construction to achieve high fuel ...

Product Revolutionary 100W vacuum cleaner and it looks good as well! published.

by: Design 4 Sustainability, 2012-12-19 09:28:34 UTC
I happen to have done a bit of research in sustainable value of vacuum cleaners lately so I keep my eyes open for new sustainable vacuum clean solutions. ...

Product RIY. Repair It Yourself. published.

by: Design 4 Sustainability, 2012-12-17 17:45:55 UTC
The activity of repairing is a form of re-appropriating control on our material world, allowing us to understand how things function and acting as ...

Material Wallpaper absorbs pollutant from air and old building construction published.

by: Design 4 Sustainability, 2012-12-13 20:51:05 UTC
Pollution due to contamination in building interiors continues to be a relevant topic. Numerous studies have proven that off-gassing in interiors has ...

Product Tactile light; controlled by gesture published.

by: Design 4 Sustainability, 2012-12-11 13:51:14 UTC
This light, Fonckel One, is fun! It invites to touch it and then reacts to you, where you touched it and how in a very precise way. That it can ...

Product Green shoe published.

by: Design 4 Sustainability, 2012-12-11 07:30:21 UTC
The "grasshopper" is a classic shoe that has got cult status. Comfortable to wear and walk in. it main characteristics are excellent quality and low ...

Product Zeno combines solar light with artificial light when necessairy published.

by: Design 4 Sustainability, 2012-12-08 09:18:29 UTC
The Zeno Lamp brings natural sunlight indoors through a system of light collectors and fiber-optic cables. The beauty of the Zeno lamp lies in its ...

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