Espresso anywhere anytime without the need for electicity

by: Mirjam Visser, 2010-10-11 09:21:25 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: Making a real italian espresso without an electrical appliance. you can use the easy pads but also fresh ground coffee which is of course the more environmental friendly solution.

The Handpresso

Handpresso is a dream for coffee-addicts like myself. It is portable and manual so you can drink your espresso anywhere. It is compact (22 x10 x7 cm) and lightweight (under 500gr). You create the 16 bar pressure (similar to a espresso machine) by pumping up pressure like you would with a pump to inflate your bicycle tyre. You need to use boiled water which is pressed by the pressure through either coffee pads or ground coffee. It is a brilliant example of material reduction as well as saving energy because the alternative is heating up a whole espresso machine in stead of only one cup of water. And we use the tool ourselves since a couple of months now, perfect crema and the real deal in taste.

Even stay-at-home types might prefer getting a Handpresso over a (probably more expensive) traditional counter top espresso maker. Not only does the Handpresso take up little space and make no noise but it is also exceptionally easy to clean. So you can spend less time fussing over your espresso and more time enjoying it—no matter where you are.

They added also a version for in your car.

Designer: Patrick Chateau, David Petitdemange
Manufacturer: Handpresso
Category: Kitchen appliances


How it works
The Handpresso
What a crema!
How it works
by Handpresso

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