Compostable packaging integrated in the product offering

by: Mirjam Visser, 2012-05-13 09:07:05 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: Packaging, in itself nearly always, has a short life so why not make it biodegradble?

what's wrong

Help Remedies goals was to do what you expect of a healthcare company, be people as well as earth friendly. Not confusing or scaring people but make the health care issues easy understandable, comforting, clear and soften the experience.

The idea is offer the comfort of a friend in a package; no medical language but plain english like a friend would speak. Offering the, smaller content while you can always take a second one but cannot use less afterward, in a tactile and ecofriendly package

The package is made from moulded paper and bio plastic made mainy from corn resin. Two new materials to the healthcare industry.

Designer: CappsMalina
Manufacturer: Help remedies
Category: packaging


what's wrong
by help remedies

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