Stronger concrete with CO2 injection

by: Mirjam Visser, 2012-12-06 08:38:14 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: Binding CO2 in cement to create limestone with increased strength, shorter curing, less energy and negative CO2 emissions. A nobrainer!

The Story

Atlas Blocks

**CarbonCure is a piece of equipment that makes it possible to inject CO2 gas, from for instance emissions of nearby other production, into concrete when it is made into prefab stones and slabs. It can be integrated in all type of machines. The results? Stronger concrete, 20% less non conformity products, faster curing and 30% less energy consumption in production. Sounds like a no-brainer for all concrete producers to me. A true example of sustainability; More value of a better product and even negative CO2 emissions

The CarbonCure system is a patent-pending, industry-proven equipment component compatible with most precast concrete plants. Taking less than one day to install, the technology offers immediate cost savings and a marketing advantage without compromising the quality of precast products. The CarbonCure system is currently available for masonry production with new product applications currently in the development pipeline.

Integrating the CarbonCure system into existing production is simple. Our engineering team customizes and installs the system for optimal performance. Existing equipment, operating standards and materials remain largely unchanged. Sourced from large emitters, CO2 gas is introduced during the block production process and is permanently sequestered as solid limestone embedded within the concrete. Greenhouse gas emissions are reduced by up to 20% without impacting product quality.

While meeting all ASTM/CSA industry quality standards, the CarbonCure system can provide:

  • Higher early compressive strength
  • 30% Energy savings
  • 10% Cement savings
  • 20% Less product waste
  • Lower product carbon intensity
  • Green product differentiation
  • Return on investment of less than one year
  • Universal compatibility with all OEM block machines
Product: Concrete
Designer: CarbonCure
Manufacturer: Atlas Block among others
Category: Building, carbon sequestration


Atlas Blocks
Atlas Blocks
Concrete blocks made with Carboncure technology

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