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Humidifider filters air, energy and resource efficiently
by: Mirjam Visser, 2013-03-06 10:48:34 UTC
The general perception is that staying indoor is more healthy than being outdoors. Actually it is equally harmful and can cause several respiratory, sick building syndrome as well as chronic joint and muscle ailments. LG’s Aqua 3 in 1 air purifier, filters …
Touchless tap; even for adjusting temperature
by: Mirjam Visser, 2013-03-05 14:00:46 UTC
AGUAMIX is a completely touchless sensor-faucet, not only to start the water flow but also for adjusting the temperature by a little movement of the hand. Its special construction inside prevents from growth of bacteria and development of biofilm. AGUAMIX …
Ambient packaging with 80% less material
by: Mirjam Visser, 2013-02-19 14:49:50 UTC
They remind me of the old milk packs which where little bags and could not hold their shape by themselves after opening. This changed, these stand solo and can be opened without scissors or knifes. These modern convenient, light and flexible packaging …
Eau Good uses acient methods to filter water
by: Mirjam Visser, 2013-02-13 16:56:09 UTC
I love the fact that Black + Blum use an old japanese technique, to filter water from all stuff the Britta does as well only for 6 months instead of the 1-2 months and in the end there is only a small piece of charcoal in the compost bin. Binchotan active …
Energy saving apps to change behavior
by: Mirjam Visser, 2013-02-12 16:37:20 UTC
There is a world in apps on energy saving. Apps that are also commercial like the, EPA awarded, Philips apps on how much energy you can save by changing to LED lighting or one of there apps that help you to pick a LED replacement for different fittings …
Loremo car drives 1500km on 5 kg LPG
by: Mirjam Visser, 2013-02-06 13:53:47 UTC
The German developed Loremo, standing for Low Resistance Mobility, combines aerodynamic design with low weight construction to achieve high fuel efficiency. Without compromising either safety or appeal this sporty looking car consumes a mere 2 liter …
Sky light
by: Mirjam Visser, 2013-02-01 15:24:51 UTC
Sky is an alternative energy streetlamp employing photovoltaic cells. The lamp is designed for external use. The cells are located in the upper part, the roof, of the lamp, the area most exposed to the sun light. The series exist of three lamps, one wall …
Red dot winner Green Concept; KeepIt shoebox
by: Mirjam Visser, 2013-01-29 22:13:22 UTC
KeepIt is a shoebox that can be folded into a shoe rack. It encourages consumers to pay greater attention to what they do with product packaging. Shoeboxes are often discarded after the shoes are brought home from the store. KeepIt offers a way to make …
GreenBottle liquids packaging
by: Mirjam Visser, 2013-01-24 07:02:05 UTC
GreenBottle is made of two parts: a sturdy paper outer shell and an inner liner made of recycled plastic which holds the milk and keeps it fresh. The paper outer is made of recycled paper and is compostable and biodegradable – it will break down naturally …
Horizontal stackable chair
by: Mirjam Visser, 2013-01-22 19:07:06 UTC
To complement the aluminum extrusion B-table, Konstantin Grcic has designed the B chair, a wooden chair with pieces of aluminium in its structure. The …


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