Tile kitchen minimizes number of materials

by: Mirjam Visser, 2011-02-01 06:14:31 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: Returning the kitchen to its basics made of one material, white tiles

Tile kitchen workspace

This kitchen brings back into view everything that one normally hides away these days. It thus contrasts a lot with the usual modern-design kitchen which, in its radical abstraction, making it a pure from of its essential functions; preparing, cooking, washing, hanging, preserving, cleaning and time-management, it has even done away with cupboard handles.
Herb pots, racks for kitchen utensils, a cook-book support, a drainer, even a mortar – all are part and parcel of the tile work, bringing the kitchen back down to earth.

A minimum of materials and sizes; only white tiles in 12 basic shapes. Four structural, including 3 with different angles and one to hold water. The remaining eight are functiona; herb container, magnet, mortar, utensil holder, book stand, dish rack, alarm clock and towel holder. All in plain view.

The kitchen is also equipped with five steel burners , each easy to re-position depending on the use. The whole kitchen measures 158.5 × 78 × 65″ but is easily adapted to personal needs.

Designer: Arnout Visserik Jan Kwakkel en Peter van der Jagt
Manufacturer: Droog design
Category: Furniture, tiles
Websites: www.droog.com/projects/spaces/dry-kitchen/tile-kitchen-by-arnout-visser--erik-jan-kwakkel---peter-van-der-jagt/


Tile kitchen workspace
Towel hook
Tile kitchen workspace

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