Red dot winner Green Concept; KeepIt shoebox

by: Mirjam Visser, 2011-01-21 01:05:19 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: Extend the use of a shoe box as shoe rack and keep it usable as shoebox


KeepIt is a shoebox that can be folded into a shoe rack. It encourages consumers to pay greater attention to what they do with product packaging.

Shoeboxes are often discarded after the shoes are brought home from the store. KeepIt offers a way to make full use of the shoe packaging. The box can be folded along two dotted lines to create an angled opening at one end. The shoebox is thus turned into a mobile and flexible shoe rack. The KeepIt shoebox is shape-restorable, so it can be unfolded to regain the original box shape when necessary.

Design can change the attitudes and habits of people. KeepIt provides product manufacturers with differentiation advantages in the sustainability field. KeepIt will call attention to the significance of re-using packaging resources.

Designer: Luo Shijian, Wang Lijue, Xiong Na, Ding Xiaoxia, Fu Yetao, Chen Lianlian, Zhou Yuxiao, Hou Wenpei, Cao Xiaoxiao
Manufacturer: na
Category: extent use


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