Nanotech blocks warmth out or let it through depending on the temperature

by: Mirjam Visser, 2010-12-17 11:00:51 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: RavenBrick's smart window and wall systems are changing the rules of energy efficent design by doing something that previous generations of building materials simply couldn't: letting the sun's heat into the building when you need it, and keeping it out w

How it works

Their thermoreflective filters utilize advances in nanotechnology, pioneered and patented by RavenBrick, to transition from a transparent to a reflective state in response to changes in the outside temperature. This transition allows a building to use the sun as a source of free heat on cold days and block solar heat effectively on hot days.
Their smart building materials are said to be cost effective. They provide immediate and long-term ROI. They’re easy to deploy. Installation is simple and can occur before, during or after building construction. The smart window and wall systems manage themselves, without the use of advanced control systems, additional electrical wiring, or monitoring by building occupants.

There latest product RavenSkinTM, is an wall based on the windows technology that absorbs the heat during the day and radiates it off at night when the temperature dropped. It insulates like a normal wall (large panels are R11 or greater), limiting the conduction and convection of heat. However, by converting incoming sunlight to infrared, and then directing the flow of energy inward only when desirable, it accomplishes something that standard insulated walls can’t: it lets heat into the building when you need it, and keeps it out when you don’t.


  • Save up to 100% on heating and cooling bills. Really!*
  • Saves money and energy year round, in every season
  • Current size limit: 55″ × 55″ (no size limit expected in the near future)
  • Interior surface can be painted
  • Perfect for warehouses, sheds and off-grid housing
  • Speedy ROI for skyscrapers and other commercial, industiral or institutional buildings
Designer: Ravenbrick
Manufacturer: Ravenbrick
Category: Building material


the technology
How it works
the technology
by Ravenbrick

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