44% less carbon footprint in commercial laundry

by: Mirjam Visser, 2014-05-05 07:52:15 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: Reductions of 44% for carbon footprint, 36% for water depletion, 38% for particulate matter formation, and 44% for fossil resource depletion mostly while it uses significantly less electricity for operation to achieve parity cleaning performance with the

Laundry beads

Traditionally laundry machines rely on water to act as the primary cleaning medium. Because of this, even the so-called “high-efficiency” models still consume bathfuls of water with every wash cycle. A Xeros machine replaces water with millions of reusable polymer beads, typically reducing water use by 75 percent when compared to a traditional laundry machine.

It is much more than a marginally upgraded laundry machine. It is a revolutionary new process for cleaning fabrics. The strength of the Xeros system lies in the fact that it fundamentally changes the way that laundry gets done.

At the core of the Xeros washing machine are the revolutionary little polymer beads that make everything about this system possible. These tiny, spheroidal plastic chips are able to absorb stains, stray dye, and soil, carrying them away from fabrics, resulting in a superior cleaning process that uses less water and chemicals than traditional commercial washing machines ever could.

With these beads, the Xeros machine washes fabrics at lower temperatures, conserving energy. Because already 75% less water needs to be heated this effect triples! By combining lower wash temperatures with the beads’ ability to absorb stray colours, the risk of colour being re-deposited in your wash is minimized. This means spending less time sorting colours. For laundries that process large volumes each day, this makes the washing process more streamlined, reducing labour and improving productivity.

The use of polymer beads in the cleaning process also requires a special machine, and that’s where the Xeros washing machine comes in. This specially designed machine is built specifically to be used with the beads. By using special compartments to store the beads as well as introduce and remove them from the wash, the Xeros machine takes full advantage of the unique cleaning capabilities of the polymer beads. It takes a Xeros machine to use the beads, and unlock their power. Only the Xeros system washes better while minimising environmental

Designer: Xeros
Manufacturer: Xeros
Category: Laundry
Websites: www.xeroscleaning.com/


Laundry beads
Laundry beads
By Xeros

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