Bottle caps designed for a second life as toy

by: Mirjam Visser, 2014-03-10 10:58:37 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: Recycling plastic bottles and their caps is not always done and if done it still uses energy in transportation and collection. Clever Pack designed for a second life as a toy.

Bottle cap

Recycling is a good option. Reusing is even better. Is what the CEO of Clever Pack was thinking

“During the recycling process, through the collection, transport, washing, reprocessing and remanufacturing stages, much energy is consumed and an enormous amount of carbon emissions (CO2) is liberated to the atmosphere. Reusing products, that cycle is abbreviated and the environmental impact is much smaller.
The market doesn’t need novelty but innovation. Solutions that add a new value to things. Besides, the world needs sustainability. A sustainable solution lies upon three pillars: it must be environmentally correct, socially fair and economically viable.
From these concepts we get Ecodesign: a powerful tool to help us get to a better world. Clever Caps are bottlecaps inspired by the concept of reusing.”

  • Clever Caps are environmentally correct. They leave a smaller environmental footprint. They don’t need to be recycled. They leave the factory with two lives already.
  • Clever Caps are socially fair. They can be turned into toys for poor children, element for artisans and didactic tools for stimulating environmental conscience.
  • Clever Caps are economically viable. A little addition of material with no significant raise on the price.

Clever Caps are bottlecaps that leave the factory with two lives already. On their first life, they are an efficient closure system, designed for Finish PCO 1881 bottlenecks and are provided with a security seal.
On the second one, they are mounting blocks that work among themselves and also with other blocks already available in the market.

Now make them from bio-plastic or recycled material

Designer: Clever pack
Manufacturer: Clever pack
Category: Packaging


Bottle cap
Second life
Bottle cap
by Clever Pack

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