Low power ATM deals in hot climate

by: Mirjam Visser, 2013-11-11 07:47:26 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: Uses 90% less energy and operates till 50 degrees Celsius instead of the usual 35 degrees Celsius


The usual cashmachine needs airconditioning to keep its internals, rubber conveyor belts that transport the bank notes to the slot, cooled. Mainly because of this cooling the machines typically use up to 1500 Watts. Which leads not only to high running cost but also affects performance in regions without a stable energy network.

India based Vortex Engineering developed, Ecoteller, an innovative ATM which is designed and built in India and can operate between 0 and 50 degrees Celsius. It helps the banks to reach out to rural areas and makes it a profitable initiative due to its lower power consumption of only 60 Watt. They realized the low wattage buy exchanging the cooling needed conveyor belts by a metal cartridge on a rail which travels between drawers to collect the bank notes. A spring mechanism is the drawers pushes the notes on to the cartridge which then delivers them to the slot.

It is the lowest energy consuming ATMs in the world and can be viably run by greener power sources like solar or wind power and thus could even operate at zero emissions.

Because the Ecoteller can deal with power fluctuations and failures it can be used in rural areas. There are currently about 1,000 of them installed in India and 50 in other hot countries including Nigeria and Madagascar.

The Ecoteller Automatic Teller Machines features:
Can operate under power fluctuations and power failures
Consumes only 60 Watt instead of the usually 1500 Watt – and can be viably run on solar or wind power
Does not need air-conditioning. Can operate from 0 degrees C to 50 degrees C
Very easy to use, even for users unfamiliar with tech devices – provides biometric authentication
Unique cash dispense mechanism which employs DynaBunchTM technology for collecting notes from each cassettes
Very low operating expenses – low power consumption & communication costs
DoubleDetachTM technology- Detach and dispense double notes
Electronic journal – saves paper
Very compact – uses less space
LinguaPrint – Gives customer receipt in the local language chosen by the customer

Designer: Vortex Engineering
Manufacturer: unknown
Category: Electronics
Websites: vortexindia.co.in/


By Vortex Engineering India

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