Staple-less stapler

by: Mirjam Visser, 2010-10-11 10:55:53 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: Somethings are so beautiful in their simplicity. The EcoStapler is a stapler which punches the paper and folds the little cut-outs back to join a few sheets together. no need of metal staplers which likely end up in the paper recycle stream. In England al


The EcoStapler is great example of sustainability and functionality. The pocket-size object is light weighted and can staple 3 sheets at a time without the use of staples, metal or otherwise. A blade cuts a thin strip of paper which then is folded back so that the papers are joined together. The papers can be read and turned without the joint falling apart, as long as you do not fold it on the joint.

I like the fact that you never run out of staples. It is an example where the designers paid attention to the verb “joining paper” before starting thinking in solutions and nouns.

Wasteonline calculated that in England alone 72 tones of metal waste can be avoided annually by using the EcoStapler.

Now improve the blister package so that it is easier to open.

Designer: Inform Designs
Manufacturer: Ecozone
Category: paper


Punching a hole
by Ecozone (UK)

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