Temporary bicycle parking to test the waters

by: Mirjam Visser, 2012-04-26 06:46:15 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: The rack is used to test the number of bicycle racks needed. The shape of the car and fact that it is placed on a car parking lot shows that 10 bikes can park on a spot for one car

Car rack on location

Cyclehoop designs and produces parking equipment for bicycles in different sizes and shapes but the Car bike rack stands out. When cities plan their cycling infrastructure they need to find out how much parking spots are needed where. The Car bike rack, sold for about 4500 euro, can be moved to different location. London tested it for for instance on Portobello road and found out that in weekends stands for 50 bikes were needed.

The shape of the car is a literally brilliant idea to point to the fact that one car parking takes the space of 10 bicycles. Originally commissioned by the London Festival of Architecture, this design has since been Installed around the UK and several cities in Europe.

In short the spec:

  • Converts a car space into cycle parking for 10 bicycles.
  • Perfect for promoting cycling at events
  • The car shape acts as a barrier to protect parked bicycles from the cars.
  • Easy to assemble and transport, it is ideal for temporary cycle parking. It takes one person 10 minutes to set it up or dismantle it
  • The unit can also be bolted down for permanent use
  • Options include an integrated bicycle pump and a central display panel for branding
Designer: Cyclehoop
Manufacturer: Cyclehoop
Category: Bicycle
Websites: www.cyclehoop.com/products/category/car-shaped-bike-rack


Car rack on location
close up
Integrated airpump
Car rack on location
by cyclehoop

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