Energy saving apps to change behavior

by: Mirjam Visser, 2012-04-19 17:19:12 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: Changing behavior in a playful way

egain game

There is a world in apps on energy saving. Apps that are also commercial like the, EPA awarded, Philips apps on how much energy you can save by changing to LED lighting or one of there apps that help you to pick a LED replacement for different fittings and wattages, light colours etcetera. Search in the Ipad/Iphone app-store for “Philips Light finder” or “enduraLED”.

There are apps to find out how much energy your apps are using in stand-by mode “stand-by”.

There is an app of which benchmarks your home and gives clues how to improve.

Apps that help you find out whether solarenergy might be an option for you and calculates based on the measurement of sunlight you did with the app how long the pay back time is. It is called “solarchecker”.

In the category games theri is “Save the Energy Free” which is a game for kids with cheerful graphics and music to teach them how to save energy in the house. Searching and clicking is awarded by points. And now hope they implement the learned experience :).

The “eGain Game” is a interactive game for adults where you act like you own apartment buildings and you have to decide when to invest in energy savings to get to the 20% savings by 2020 which is the European target and save as much money as possible as well as keep the tenants happy.

Designer: divers
Manufacturer: divers
Category: change management


egain game
egain game
egain game
egain game

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