Yill Mobile storage unit

by: Mirjam Visser, 2011-10-29 14:49:00 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: Instead of using a generator the Yill offers energy on off-grid situation and makes it possible to use, generally more environmental, grid energy or green/solar energy


Featuring a round design, the device is rollable and bouncingly follows anyone who happens to need it. This mobile energy storage unit is equipped with a functionally well-designed, extricable handle for easy manoeuvring. The ability to store and deliver energy in an office entirely independently from the building power grid is an innovative and highly contemporary concept. Yill can store one kilowatt-hour of energy and provide up to 300 watts of electricity, enough to power a workstation for two to three days without cords or cables. Once empty, the unit’s lithium titanium batteries can be recharged by simply plugging into a charging station that draws power from renewably generated sources or via a standard electrical outlet. The principle of integrating renewable energy sources and making them easy to use wherever needed thus has been realised in a highly convincing way. With a design marked by a sense of lightness, Yill easily facilitates touchdown workspaces as well as out-of-office working in a “recreation zone” with a laptop – a storage unit that creates a new awareness for and experience of sustainability.

It was rewarded a Red Dot award ; the jury said:
By awarding the mobile storage unit, the jury took a stand for renewable energies and environmentally responsible behaviour. Yill presents itself as a sound, flexible and aesthetic outcome of a business idea. The device, by maker Younicos, stores and delivers energy for working times of several hours. The idea reveals its strength completely when Yill is charged with energy generated from renewable sources.

Designer: Studio Aisslinger (Werner Aisslinger, Nicole Losos)
Manufacturer: Younicos AG
Category: Mobile energy storage
Websites: www.younicos.com/download/Yill/Yill_Storage_new_en.pdf


by Younicos AG

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