100% renewable bio-based thermoplastic

by: Mirjam Visser, 2013-09-16 09:43:46 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: An 100% renewable bio-based alternative to petro-based thermoplastics. Biodegradable version is biodegradable in water within hours or 4-6 weeks outside in sand/grass.

treeplast parts

If you are looking for a material with a natural feel and high degree of freedom of shape then Treeplast might be a good alternative. It is natural renewable and biodegradable, originally made from wood chips (50%), with crushed corn and natural resins, it is now available with several recipes for different applications. There is a biodegradable version available that breaks down in water in a few hours or in 4-6 weeks in the open in grass/sand.

The raw materials are extruded to granulates, which can subsequently be processed in traditional plastic-processing machines like for instance with injection molding or extrusion. The end product can be bonded, finished and coated like wood.

The material is skin-friendly and non-electrostactic and has, unlike for instance PLA, a natural feel similar to wood.

Mechanical properties:

  • Tensile strength DIN 53 455 25 N/mm2
  • Modulus in tension DIN 53 457 4.700 N/mm2
  • Flexural strength DIN 53 452 45 N/mm2
  • Modulus in flexure DIN 53 457 5.800 N/mm2
  • Screw extraction strength 150 N/mm
  • Surface hardness DIN 53 456 60 N/mm2
  • Charpy impact strength DIN 53 453 4 kJ/m2 unnotched
  • Tensile impact strength DIN 53 448 40 kJ/m2 unnotched
    Density 1,4 kg/dm3
    Diff. measure of contraction 0,04% per % rel. hum.
    Electrical properties:
  • Spec. insulation resistance DIN 53 482 > 1012 * . cm
  • Surface resistance DIN 53 482 > 1010
Designer: na
Manufacturer: Treeplast
Category: Petrobased plastic alternative
Websites: www.treeplast.com/index1.html


treeplast parts
made from treeplast

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