Hightech odor-control fabric made from used coffeegrounds

by: Mirjam Visser, 2013-05-13 09:26:27 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: This fabric solves two problems; one the smell of odor in (sport) apparel and two the waste of coffee grounds

S.Cafe fabric in sportsbra

S.Cafe worked on an idea that no one has ever come up with before, that is, to use the coffee grounds odor control ability in a fabric. They started to recycle the waste and tried to make this idea come true. It took them four and half years to change coffee grounds into fiber. Surprisingly, S.Café not only controls odor, but also offers UV protection and fast drying. Still not satisfied with this, they are now looking for other applications. Coffee in the fabric is just the beginning.

Where do they get the grounds from? Since the team started to research the possibility of adding coffee grounds into fiber, coffee grounds were collected from stores near team members homes and office. Once the demand grew they started to collect waste from coffee factories, to keep turning waste into useful materials.

Their material is for instance used in the Vixen sportsbras by Movingcomfort.com

Designer: s.cafe
Manufacturer: s.cafe
Category: recycled material
Websites: www.scafefabrics.com, movingcomfort.com


S.Cafe fabric in sportsbra
S.Cafe fabric in sportsbra
by Movingcomfort.com

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