Dyeing jeans with wine and just 1% of the usual water needed for the dying process

by: Mirjam Visser, 2011-04-05 09:42:19 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: INstead of over 1000 liter per jeans less then 10 liter is used for dyeing fabric with this non-toxic dye

Wine-dyed jeans

Ecoyaa uses wine and korean traditional herbs based dyes to dye jeans. Colors vary between flesh pinks and bright reds to blues, deep indigo and pale blues.

instead of over 1000 liter water they use 7,6 liters of water to dye a jeans. The wine-based jeans are guaranteed to reduce the anti-bacterial activity to 99,9% and prevent skin allergies. The dyes are non-toxic and highly color fast.

The dyes are used with low temperatures thus reducing the energy consumption as well.

Designer: Ecoyaa
Manufacturer: Ecoyaa
Category: Dye, jeans, fabrics
Websites: www.ecoyaa.com/ebook/sub3.html


Wine-dyed jeans
Wine-dyed jeans
by Ecoyaa

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