Extra thin tiles, 50% reduction of material, carbon footprint

by: Mirjam Visser, 2011-02-18 04:34:06 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: 50% reduction in thickness means 50% less material and less volume to transport.


Ceracasa introduces one of the most significant product innovations of recent years. The tile body is reduced to half of the thickness ( the 11 mm goes to 6 mm in the size 49.1×98.2cm), bringing big advantages through the whole process and to the end user but keeping the same technical characteristics.

Since its creation, XS-Tile uses less raw materials and energy in its production, attaining less incidence and reducing the carbon footprint of the product. Allowing more square metres to be carried in the same volume.

For the end user the advantages of XS-Tile. Installation work is greatly reduced but the tile surface remains the same, big sizes can be handled with amazing ease, pieces are ease to cut and are really light for application to facades.
For the ceramic distributor there are advantages in promoting replacement with an easy to install product and significant savings on the volume and cost transport. All creating a big business opportunity

Designer: na
Manufacturer: Ceracasa
Category: Tiles, flooring
Websites: www.ceracasa.com



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