BeLeaf Birdhouses made of leaves

by: Mirjam Visser, 2010-11-09 07:55:05 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: Creating a new material to perfectly fit the purpose; a birds house but wouldn't it be great to use it in mre applications in the garden?


By intervening in the natural cycle with an extra step, an added value is created, extending the decaying process of leaves before returning to the soil. By researching and experimenting with different kind of leaves Celestine created a new natural material.

A range of birdhouses made of different coloured leaves, to be placed in trees, under roofs or for example in the garden. These birdhouses have a natural form inspired on different shapes of bird’s nests so they fit in their natural environment.

After more or less a year and a half this temporary birdhouses will decay and fall on the ground to complete the cyclical process.

Celestine Briët is still looking for a manufacturer of this new material and product

Designer: Celestine Briët
Manufacturer: non yet
Category: New materials, biodegradable


by Celestine Briët

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