Paper alternative to foam plastics

by: Mirjam Visser, 2010-10-21 04:26:42 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: Foampaper is made of the renewable materials starch, fiber, water. It is biodegradable but can also be added to the recycled paper collection. It is a replacement for plastic inlays. A third party compared traditional CD-boxes with one made of Paperfoam,

Paperfoam eye-drop solution

Paperfoam is an sustainable alternative to foamed plastic inlays and other packaging. It is made from starch, fibers to fill and water. CD boxes for example are traditionally made out of both paper and plastic which need to be separated for recycling. The Paperfoam solution can be put with paper in the paper recycle bin.

It can also be used in short life product like for medical purpose. See the example of the eye-drop applicator. T

Designer: Paperfoam
Manufacturer: Paperfoam
Category: Packaging, displays


Paperfoam eye-drop solution
Comparing CD Boxes
Paperfoam example
Paperfoam eye-drop solution
by Paperfoam

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