Flooring made of furniture scrap

by: Mirjam Visser, 2010-09-10 03:15:24 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: Ecotimber makes for its poplar vintage series use of 100% timber scrap from the furniture industry. It uses no ureaformaldehydes and other harmful VOC’s in their products.

Evening harvest

Although bamboo in itself is self sustaining, in can grow meters in a year and after cutting it off it continues to grow. Bamboo is however not necessarily the material with the lowest eco-cost. The market for bamboo is for instance in Europe but if production is in Asia the impact of transportation is so high that according to a research at the TU Delft, Netherlands, the eco-cost of European oak might be a better choice. The best choice is of course to see if you can use scrap wood which would otherwise end up in combustion. Eoctimbers flooring is a good example of this. They also don’t make use of ureaformaldehydes and other harmful VOC’s which are suspected to be harmfull.

Designer: n.a.
Manufacturer: Ecotimber
Category: resources reduction, re-use
Websites: www.ecotimber.com


Evening harvest
Afternoon tea
Last dance
Evening harvest
from Ecotimber

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