Bamboo as language and basis for a chair

by: Mirjam Visser, 2011-04-05 08:35:51 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: Renewable material that stands for chinese culture, flexible and strong

The Story

The chair

Creation “9707”: Bamboo Chair

The Bamboo chair was designed to commemorate the ten year anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to China. The chair celebrates both China’s heritage, as well as the country’s transition into the modern 21st century. Bamboo also works with the environment – able to grow a foot each day, and using a production process that limits carbon dioxide emissions. The bamboo chair will be manufactured in the Anji area of China, a region internationally recognized for bamboo production, and its dedication to sustainability and beauty.

Bamboo is an integral material in Chinese culture – a symbol of honesty, endurance and resilience that has been used to make kitchen tools, furniture, artist brushes, and building scaffolding. Using the combination of strength and flexibility, the bamboo chair ergonomically conforms to the body. In collaboration with Herman Miller, the chair was designed to embrace technology while preserving the natural beauty of bamboo.

The exhibit and auction for the 9707 Bamboo Chair continues around the world, from Beijing and Hong Kong to London, Milan and New York. All proceeds from the auction will be donated to benefit China and Hong Kong Design Education funds. In addition, the 9707 Bamboo Chair has been on display at the London Design Museum and the Milan Salon Fair and was recently purchased by the Hong Kong Heritage Museum to be added to their permanent collection.

Product: Arm chair
Designer: Ecco ID
Manufacturer: Herman Miller
Category: renewable material


The structure
Adapting to pressure
The chair
The structure
by Eric Chan, ECCO ID

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