Life cycle analysis to increase customer value

by: Mirjam Visser, 2010-12-17 08:43:15 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: Using Life cycle analysis to find the life cycle steps where you products leave an environmental footprint and find the areas where you should improve and create value for you customers

The Story

Novec Fire Protection

Long before sustainability became popular, 3M was regarded as a leader in enviroonmental excellence due to its 3P, pollution Prevention Pays Program lunched in 1975. Based on the belief that it is better to prevent than clean up both in environmental as in economical sense. In 30 years time it saved 2.7 billion punds of pollutants and saved the company $1.2 billion. The projects are conceived and managed voluntarily by employees using a variety of DfE tools like product reformulation, process optimization, equipment redesign, recycling and re-use of waste materials.

In 1998 3M introduced Life Cycle Analysis to assure awareness of potential impacts at every stage of the life cycle; from design to disposal and required all business units to conduct reviews for all new products. it is also integrated in their Design for Six Sigma process, which includes tools for Voice of the Customer.

What did it bring them:

  • 3M Fastbond Foam Adhesive 100, an water-based adhesive foam for the furniture industry, easy-to-use, fast tacking, Green-Guard certified covers 4 times as much as typical flammable foam adhesives.
  • Novec 1230 Fireprotection Fluid; A halon replacement based on fluorinated ketones; It has a factor 1 global warming potential where halon has between 1.300-12.000, 5 days half life in atmosphere and does not lead to ozone depletion.
Product: 3M divers
Designer: 3M
Manufacturer: 3M
Category: Chemicals, fire protection, adhesives


Novec Fire Protection
Novec Fire Protection
by 3M

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