Design, Sustainability, and Fresh Veggies in Shanghai

by: Philipp Fries, 2010-12-10 06:51:43 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: The new Ecobox at Tony’s Farm has reduced CO2 emissions significantly. It is made from natural fiber and delivers totally fresh, organic vegetables to Shanghai residents daily.

The Story

The EcoBox

Organic farming isn’t easy in China, but Tony’s Farm is doing its best. Located in the Shanghai area, it delivers organic vegetables to its member’s doors every day.

While there are many factors that determine what actions a business takes, at Tony’s Farm, sustainability comes first. In order to promote its environmental convictions, they decided to change the way they delivered produce to their members. In order to do that, Tony’s Farm and WILDDESIGN needed to rethink its delivery box. The original box was made of wood and added a significant amount of weight, and CO2 emissions to deliveries.

The box needed to securely support 6 kg of vegetables and be stacked in columns of three in the delivery trucks. Its materials needed to resist shock, humidity, and keep the vegetables inside fresh and un-bruised.

After researching construction methods and materials, WILDDESIGN gave Tony’s Farm a custom-molded new box made from 100% natural fiber. The new box fits all of Tony’s Farm’s internal requirements and shows customers that they are totally committed to the quality of their veggies as well as true sustainability.

The box is part of a larger picture: by improving internal processes, we can conserve more, do more business, and leave a smaller impact on the planet.

Since the implementation of the new box, Tony’s Farm has grown tremendously. While the box isn’t the only reason for this (people love fresh vegetables), WILDDESIGN is proud of the result and happy to be part of this eco-friendly business.

Product: EcoBox
Manufacturer: Tony's Farm
Category: Packaging, Organic Farming, Transportation


The EcoBox
Tony's Farm
The EcoBox
Made completely from eco-friendly materials, the EcoBox delivers fresh vegetables to Shanghai daily.

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