Master Class Persuasive Game Design for behavioral change

by: Mirjam Visser, 2016-01-11 17:33:18 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: Persuasive Game Design to motivate users for behavioural change.

The Story

Game Design

Maybe you have been driving a modern car which shows the current fuel consumption. This is an example of a game to promote more fuel efficient driving behavior. It makes a sport of lowering your consumption in relation to the distance travelled. Makes it a game to get the most km’s out of the tank. I am hooked myself :)

The motivational power of games to help people change is recognised more and more in society, business and science. In the persuasive game design model the user’s experience is the primal object of design. Gamification design is the means to change this user experience from a real world towards a motivational game world.

The Engineering Industrial Design department at the Delft University of Technology offers a master class for design professionals on Persuasive Game Design at January 29th.

In 2016 also other Master Classes are on offer like on new product marketing or service design among others.

Product: TU Delft
Designer: Valentijn Visch, Michael Bas
Manufacturer: TU Delft
Category: Knowledge


Game Design
Game Design
in the work environment by the Persuasive Game Design Group at TU Delft

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