Snap a car: car sharing with your neighbourhood

by: Mirjam Visser, 2014-10-28 14:28:09 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: Most cars are parked 23 hours a day. SnappCar wants to take 1% of the cars from the road by using these 23hours and support sharing.

The Story

The app

23 Hours a day the average car, of the 250 million cars in Europe, is parked. SnappCar tries to get 1% of the cars from the road by promoting car sharing among friends and neighbours. Now active in the Netherlands, Germany and soon in the UK there ambition is to remove 250.000 cars from the road.

New generation all about sharing instead of owning, SnappCar, introduced in the Netherlands in 2011, supports the sharing of 7.000 cars among 40.000 people in 800 Dutch cities. They just successfully crowd funded their expansion over Europe by crowd funding over half a million Euros used for promotion, the design of a supporting app

Advantages of using SnapCar to support carsharing?

  • Saving money on car ownership on both sides of the car sharing, typically about 30% cheaper than traditional car rentals.
  • The rentals are personal from a person around your corner, in your neighbourhood
  • Checking credentials of participants
  • The cars are all-risk insured during sharing covering all risks incl theft by a special insurance
  • When the car breaks down, support is ready 24/7
Product: SnappCar
Designer: Victor van Tol, Pascal Ontijd
Manufacturer: na
Category: Product service


The app
The app
by SnappCar

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