Lease a jeans or fleece

by: Mirjam Visser, 2013-10-23 11:38:55 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: Reducing waste. Customers pay a deposit which is refunded when the old jeans is send in to be recycled in new jeans thus closing the resource loop.

The Story

Leased Jeans

Instead of buying a jeans and, after hopefully years of use, throwing the jeans away, these jeans are returned and turned into new jeans.
When buying the jeans at MUD the customers pays a deposit of 20 euro’s and 5 euro a month lease. After a year one can decide to keep the jeans or send the old one in and receive a new one. During the lease period there is a free repair service. The jeans remains the property of MUD. It speaks nearly for it self but of course the jeans is made from organic cotton.

In this way the company closes the resource loop and reduces the demand on new cotton which a fabric with high ecocost even if it is organically grown. They will start the same principle with fleece sweatshirts for which they are looking for crowd funding.

MUD jeans won the Circle Challenge 10×10 award, an award of the Circle Economy (CE) foundation which aims to restore broken, industrial systems. It creates concrete steps to achieve breakthroughs towards a circular economy – an industrial system that is regenerative by design.

Product: Mud Jeans
Designer: Mud Jeans
Manufacturer: Mud Jeans
Category: Circular economy


Mud's closed loop
MUD jeans
Leased Jeans
Mud's closed loop
by MUD jeans

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