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by: Mirjam Visser, 2013-10-10 07:56:56 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: Bringing renewable energy to households.

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De windcentrale

Windcentrale crowd funded it’s third windmill to 1700 households in just 17 hours. It sourced an existing windmill for sale and cut the capacity and shares up in 6648 shares, each good for an energy output of 500Kwh. They seem to follow the right tide, the time to get their first windmill financed took months! Each windmill is directly owned by the shareholders of that specific windmill in a cooperation and not by Windcentrale who does the buying, production and administration (adding up to 67 euro a year per share). The risk of break down and reduced power supply is covered by Vesta, the wind turbine producer, who is providing the technical support. Things like the turbine being hit and destroyed by thunderstorms etc are covered by an insurance.

The mission of Windcentrale is to support the green revolution rather than profit. People can only buy the windmills for their own household energy supply not for investments reasons and only to a maximum of 85% of their own energy consumption. Their sales pitch? Independence of rising energy prices for the rest life of the windmill (12-15 years), 100% green, and you have the proof as owner of the windmill, and a nice return on investment which is estimated at about 8.7% after maintenance and cost.

Great initiative with currently 3 windmills up and running for 10,000 people. And more to come!

Product: Windcentrale
Designer: Windcentrale
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Category: green energy


De windcentrale
De windcentrale
De windcentrale

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